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PHOTOGRAPHY : Photo Reporting & Shooting Management

Pictures & photography work, memories for life 

Icone Shooting Management

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Shooting Management

We’re here to help you drive your photo reports & shootings from the very begining, finding a directive line is essentials to make sure your project will be successful. We offer to organize and plan everything for you to ensure a perfect execution.

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Photography is the very basement of our company & team. Everyone has it’s own way to approach things and when it’s come to photography this is even more predictable. That is why at Light Bros we do offer many photograph‘s services. So just pick the one you like most from our gallery and let’s start the adventure!

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Developing & editing

 We offer to develop & edit your photographies, rather we shot them or not. Color Grading and arranging images is our everyday’s routine so don’t stress anymore if you didn’t get what you were expecting right away. Photography can be tricky sometimes and we’re sure we can help you get closer to what you want.

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Media Production

Producing constantly fresh media content in our society has taken such an important part that it is sometimes hard to keep the rhythm. Also taking pictures isn’t everybody’s job or hobby meanwhile photos has become the world’s everyday distraction. So why wouldn’t you relax and fully focus on your job while we handle your image?

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By your side

We put an honor point into following closely our customers and helping them every time we can. Everybody need a friend to rely on somedays! If you decide to work with us, we will stand by your side to build a benefit long term relationship and we will always make sure to be available for you when you need our services.

It’s our job.

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