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GRAPHIC DESIGN : Campaign & Chart Conception 

Identity & visual creation, empower your marketing tools 

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Personal Study

We’re here to understand and visualize who you are, to help you head where you want to. With our own approach, surveys and proposals we will use our knowledge to determine which marketing strategy to choose and how to materialize it. Let’s start thinking about your project’s look!

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Graphic Design

Inventing your graphic wolrd is a fun and introductive process that consist in imaging your identity. Hand and computer drawing is a very fundamental activity in our lives, as pretty much every project we work on starts with a blank paper. Thanks to our personal study we help you foresee what would your expectations look like as a logo and a complete chart. Once you’re set we will provide you a certain amount of various combination to choose from, which will comfort you in your choice and reveal your identity. Let’s start looking together what your project could look like after a complete study!

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Marketing Means

 We offer multiple packages to follow you with your projects and make sure your marketing strategy runs like clock work. It’s a graphist job to ensure that everything goes right during the printing and uploading of your campaigns. You cant’ be everywhere but you can have us watching out for the succes of your projects. We’re responsive and creative so we guaranty you some great performing marketing tools.

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LB Graphic Design

Hands-on kids

We’re hands-on big kids! We love touching to everything and not only being working behind computers. Drawing was definitely our first artistic expression and with years and our studies we’ve learned how to perform to achieve precise goals. So we offer to develop complete marketing strategies starting with your identification & logo creation. Then we offer to develop a full panel of marketing tools that will suit your needs. And finally as we want you to stand out far in front of your opponents we offer to develop complex artistic projects that will empower your identity untill it is unforgetable

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Artistic Mind

It doesn’t matter on which project we’re working on, we always put our mind at hard work to find the most incredible, useful and concrete ideas to execute the job. Fashion and trends is something we’re up to date, meanwhile we love to express our style and experiment new thingsWe always keep two open ears to what you have to say about your project as well as giving smart advices each time we can. In other words our talent is in your hands and your goal is in our mind.

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